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What is a Retrofit?
We are trying to improve the energy efficiency of the properties we are working on by adding thermally efficient materials to it. We are working closely with a Retrofit Coordinator who has assessed the thermal efficiency of the buildings before we commence any work, he will work closely with us throughout the pilot and he will assess the buildings again at the end of the pilot. It is hoped the properties will have improved and will be better performing and more comfortable to live in.

What work is planned for these properties?
The properties will be having new roofs, new windows and doors, new garden fences to the front, external wall insulation and new renewables energy systems for their heat, hot water and electricity. The Council has set a target to become carbon neutral by 2038, residential properties contribute greatly to the production of carbon, we would like to contribute to carbon reduction by implementing a design for council housing that uses renewable energy where possible in place of fossil fuels.

Which properties will have the work done?
There are just 8 properties having this work completed under the pilot.

Why isn’t my property being included?
As this is a pilot we needed to use a small number of properties and the assess the success of the measures for a period of time. We have worked closely with our architect Michael Dyson Associates to choose the most appropriate properties for this pilot.

What affect will the work have on my estate?
As with any construction work there will be some noise disruption but we will try to keep the disruption to a minimum. There will be a temporary office sited on Abbey Road away from the properties and we will try to use the road effectively so as not to affect access to properties surrounding the pilot properties. If you are concerned about disruption you can email us on the address below or you can contact us to discuss your concerns.

Will my property look like this in the future?
The idea of a pilot is to complete several different measures and then assess the success of these measures on the overall performance of the building. We would then look to replicate the successful measures.

Who is carrying out the work?
Kirklees Homes and Neighbourhoods are working in partnership with Michael Dyson Associates who have designed the properties. Our Property Services team will be carrying out the work and working closely with our Retrofit Coordinator Dean Firth.

When will this work take place?
Work started on 2 August 2021. A site office will be situated at the end of Abbey Road where it joins Hammond Street. 

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