Selling your home

for sale sign

We would appreciate you informing us of your property being put up for sale. Did you know the Council will buy your property back 


If you are selling on the open market you must advise us of the Conveyancing Solicitor you instruct. Who will be required to request a Solicitors Information pack, the charge for this is currently £150 plus VAT. The pack contains details of Service Charges and account payment summary over the last three years. Once the sale has been agreed, a Notice of Transfer will be required and a fee of £50 to register it. 

You must ensure this document is explained fully with your Solicitor at the point of sale. Please keep contact details up to date.


Buying your home

You may be able to buy your home under the Government’s Right to Buy (RTB) scheme. The scheme allows you to purchase your home at a price lower than full market value. Please make sure your solicitor goes through your Lease document with you. Rights and responsibilities (Pre-sale info link ????

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