When Bruce met the Queen!

Buckingham Palace
Bruce Bellwood lives on the Lees Moor Estate, Thornhill in Dewsbury. He is the Chair of Lees Moor Tenant and Resident Association. Bruce was recently invited to visit Buckingham palace to meet the Queen. 

He was invited to a reception event that was being held in honour of recognising people who have made a difference in their community.

Bruce, who has lived on the estate for 8 years, is an active member in the community and is well known amongst all tenants and residents in the area. He helps to run sports activities for children on the Lees Moor Estate, something he has been doing for a few years. He has also been a proud winner of the KNH Gardening Competition which ran for a number of years and is the current chair of the Thornhill Community Centre.

Invitation from the Queen


Bruce has been involved in local faith & belief groups and a garden allotment which has seen people of all different backgrounds come together and share a common interest, gardening and growing vegetables which are shared amongst all the neighbours.

Bruce was nominated to attend the Queens reception by near neighbours  an organisation who work to bring people together.

Bruce said, “all the invitees met for coffee and then we took taxis down to the palace it was so surreal and amazing. “I met the Queen, my first impression was that she is so small and delicate looking. She asked me about my allotment and all the work I have been involved in”

Bruce also said, “I was so proud of myself and felt rather emotional to be recognised for the work I do. I do it because I love it and like to make a difference where I live. I want to thank Near Neighbours and KNH for the continued support over the years, without them I wouldn’t have been able to make the impact that I have”.

Bruce Bellwood

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