This week we’re supporting National Fire Door Safety Week

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Fire doors play a critical part in making sure your home is protected from fire and smoke.

We carry out regular fire safety checks and assessments to keep you and your family safe but it's important you do your bit too by following our advice on fire safety.

In the next few months we will be starting a programme of installing brand new fire doors as well as carrying out general fire safety improvements to flats and communal areas across all blocks in Kirklees; so watch this space as we will be keeping you updated throughout the coming months. 

So what is Fire Door Safety Week?

Fire Door Safety Week is an awareness campaign which began in 2013 to increase everyone’s understanding, tenants, landlords and the public, of the role that fire doors play in protecting homes and lives.

Throughout the week we’re going to be sharing some advice, tips and bust myths around fire doors so follow us on Twitter and Facebook. 

Watch the video below to see our caretaker Craig undertaking one of our daily fire safety checks 


What do fire doors actually do?

Fire doors are there to create a physical barrier from fire and toxic smoke, they allow the fire to be contained and prevent spreading into escape routes like staircases and building entrances. When the fire is contained it allows people to evacuate in a safe way and means emergency services can get to the fire quickly.

Where will I see fire doors in my building?

In blocks of flats, fire and smoke control doors on stairwells, corridors and flat front doors. You will also find fire doors in places where there is a risk of combustion, such as bin storage or mains electricity service cupboard. You may find fire doors in some flats.

How do I know it’s a fire door?  

Fire doors in communal and public areas will have a sign on it which states it’s a fire door. Flat-front doors and doors inside the flat do not have to have fire door signs on them but you should be informed if they are.

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