Recycling centres to open

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We are looking to provide access to the household waste recycling centres from May 11 so that residents can dispose of waste that they cannot safely store at home.

Like the majority of sites across the country, we closed our sites due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now following advice from DEFRA, we are looking to provide access to the centres, but operate in a way to manage social distancing protocols.

How will the service change? 

The new service will have a number of new restrictions:

  • To limit the number of people at the site at any time, we are only allowing people to visit on their own.
  • To reduce the time people are spending at the site and speed up queuing as much as possible, residents can only visit the sites in their car, so no large vehicles, vans or trailers.
  • As staff and other visitors will have to keep 2m away. Residents visiting the site will have to carry their items to the skips on their own.
  • The sites permit system will remain in operation, so that only Kirklees residents can make a trip to the sites.  Residents are encouraged to register online if they haven’t already.
  • We are also asking people to wash their hands before and after visiting and to be respectful to staff.
  • We are expecting there to be significant queues, as the measures to keep everyone 2m apart mean that staff at the site will only be able to let a few cars into the centres at a time.
  • We expect the queues to be especially long during the first week,  and we are asking people to put off their visit for a few days, if possible, until demand settles down.

Please bear in mind, any queues will be closed if it is causing issues for blue-light services and other keyworkers or if cars are unlikely to get to the front of the queue before closing time.

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