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The Pet Policy came into effect on 22 June 2020 and sets out Kirklees Councils (KC) approach to the keeping of pets in Council accommodation.

Permission will be required to keep cats or dogs in Council accommodation. Below is a summary of the pets allowed in properties:  

House type 
Number of cats and dogs 
Maximum 2 cats or dogs in total
Bungalow  Maximum 2 cats or dogs in total
Low rise flats up to 2 storeys with own access  Maximum 2 cats or dogs in total
KNH low rise with communal access (up to and including 5 storey) Maximum 1 cat or dog in total
6 Storey and above accommodation KNH managed properties.
Maximum 1 cat – no dogs allowed
KNH Retirement Living Schemes  1 dog or cat where the wellbeing of the tenant is identified
Pinnacle Group Extra Care Housing  Assistance pets only
Pinnacle Group low rise accommodation with communal access Assistance pets only

Permission will be required to keep pets in council accommodation, and this applies if you are already or tenant, or looking to become a tenant in the future:

  • Some of our flats do not allow dogs, so please check out the policy before bidding on a property on Choose N Move.
  • Before we make an offer of a property, we will check that the number of pets you own complies with the Policy.  If not, then we will be unable to proceed with the offer of accommodation  
  • Permission will normally be granted provided there are no restrictions on the property, the pets are looked after, and conditions of your tenancy agreement are being met.

A Good Pet Keeping Guide is available for advice and support  – please visit

If you are already a tenant you can call us on 01484 414886 or click the contact us to request a copy of the policy and the permission form. Eventually tenants will be able to access this via their MyKirklees account. We will update you when tenants can do this.

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