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Last year our Employment Support Team (EST) helped over 113 of our tenants into work and referred 368 people into jobs, training or skills courses over the last 12 months which is great news.

The EST support tenants to find work and to help them gain the skills and confidence they may need to find and secure work, change jobs or seek other training or learning opportunities which is having a positive impact on many tenants’ lives.

The EST works in partnership with other staff in KNH including the Income Management Team, the Council and other partners to address issues and create as many positive opportunities as possible. Thanks to the work of this team and the hard work of all are amazing tenants that they work with, there was a 110% increase in employment levels of individuals that received support from the team, compared with a 50% increase amongst individuals that did not receive support evidenced by KNH research project surveying KNH tenants over the last 3 years. There was also better training/education and volunteering outcomes for individuals that received support compared with those that were not supported. All tenants at KNH are able to receive one to one support to improve their skills, job prospects and overall health and wellbeing.

Below are some of the headlines form the recent research conducted with tenants who have received employment support in the last 3 years.

  • 75% of individuals that received support said they felt more confident
  • 60% interact more with people, reducing social isolation
  • 64% are more able to deal with life’s challenges
  • 75% are more able to pay their rent
  • 56% have improved emotional wellbeing

Linda Johnson, General Manager who heads up the Employment Support Team said,

"We’re really pleased to have helped so many people into work or into skills courses and training over the last 12 months.

“The tenants we have supported and worked with have been absolutely great. As well as learning new skills and achieving qualifications, many have also gained confidence, improved their emotional wellbeing, socialised and interacted with people which has helped reduce social isolation and have been able to manage better financially, which for us is what our job and our service is all about."

Looking to develop yourself in work or training?

The EST offer a free employment and training service which is open to all our tenants.

EST Team
EST Team

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