Domestic violence and abuse – it’s never ok

In support of White Ribbon
Today we are supporting White Ribbon Day. The White Ribbon Campaign is a global movement of men and boys working to end male violence against women and girls. It began in November 1991 by a group of pro-feminist men to stop violence towards women after the École Polytechnique massacre of female students by Marc Lépine in 1989.

Whilst women continue to make up the bulk of reported victims of domestic abuse and are far more likely to suffer serious harm or homicide, as many as one in six men will experience domestic abuse at some point in their life but often do not report it due to stigma and fear of not being believed.
It’s so important to report and get help for any form of domestic violence you or someone you know might be going through. 

What is domestic violence?
•    Physical violence - including hitting, kicking, pushing, slapping, hair pulling, throwing things
•    Psychological and emotional abuse - including threatening to hurt someone, stopping someone from seeing other people, humiliating, blaming or controlling, intimidating or harassing someone, verbally abusing someone and bullying
•    Unwanted sexual behaviour - anything that makes someone else feel uncomfortable, including sexual comments, leering, groping, rubbing indecent acts, taking photos of a sexual nature without consent, sexual assault and rape
•    Controlling behaviour - including controlling access to personal items, food and drink, certain items of clothing, using the phone and internet and checking where someone has been
•    Economic abuse - including controlling access to money or forcing someone to spend their money in a certain way, stopping someone from working.

If you are the victim of a domestic abuse, you might want to:
•    find somewhere safe to stay
•    stay in your home and get the person who is harming you to leave
•    get a court order to stop your abusive partner from harming or threatening you
•    take legal action

To report domestic violence in an emergency always dial 999. In a non- emergency call 101.

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