Changes to the Mobility Scooter Policy

image of a mobility scooter
The mobility Scooter Policy came into effect on 13th July 2020 and sets out Kirklees Councils (KC) approach to the keeping of Mobility Scooters in its premises. 

Definition of a Mobility Scooter as defined in the Policy 

  • Class 1 – manual wheelchair (not covered by the policy) 
  • Class 2 – applies to motorised wheelchairs, designed for use on the pavement travelling at speed of up to 4mph. They may also be used to cross the road or where there is no pavement. 
  • Class 3 - Applies to machines that can be used both on the pavement where they are limited up to 4 mph, and on the road where they can travel up to 8mph. These vehicles are required by law to be registered with the DVLA for road use. Insurance will be a requirement if the vehicle is to be used and stored in a Retirement Living Schemes, Extra Care Schemes or in communal areas of flats. 

All tenants will need permission to keep a Mobility Scooter in council accommodation. The Council will generally give permission, provided that the scooter/motorised wheelchair can be stored and charged safely. The policy will apply to all requests to keep a scooter from existing or prospective tenants, and those who currently have a scooter without permission. 

If you have already have a scooter or plan to get one then call us on 01484 414886 or click on contact us to request a copy of the policy and the permission form. Please send all completed permission forms via email to

Eventually tenants will be able to access this via their MyKirklees account. We will update you when tenants can do this.


House Type               
House Policy doesn’t apply
Bungalow Policy doesn’t apply
All flats 2 Storey to High Rise access Policy applies
KNH Retirement Living Schemes  Policy applies
Pinnacle Group Extra Care Housing Policy applies
Pinnacle Group – Flats with shared or communal access Policy applies


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