Brrrrrrrr - how to keep you and your home warm this winter

Boots on wet floor
As the weather starts to get colder, rain and snow starts to fall. Follow our top tips to keep you and your home warm and cosy this winter.

Tips for keeping yourself warm:
•    Wear lots of layers 
•    Keep your heating on as much as you can
•    Move around to keep warm
•    Wear shoes and boots with good grips so avoid any slips and falls

Tips for frozen pipes:
•    Every now and then run your taps to make sure your water is still running
•    If your water stops running, check with your neighbours to see if they have the same 
problem. If they do, the supply pipes could have frozen. Contact Yorkshire Water on 0845 124 2424 
•    If your pipes freeze in your home, you can use a hair dryer to unfreeze them. If there’s still some water coming out your taps, keep it running until the water has unfroze the pipes – please remember to turn the tap off
•    If you have a condensing boiler & it stops working, this can indicate the overflow pipe has frozen. Pour hot water on it and remove any ice 
•    Make sure you know where your stop tap is. If you have a burst pipe – turn the stop tap off and ring emergency repairs on 01484 414800 & out of hours on 01484 414850 
•    Keep your kettle filled so you can keep having hot drinks to keep you warm if your pipes freeze. Try to keep some bottled water at home too 

Tips on what to do if there’s a flood in your area:
•    Move important documents like passports to a high, safe area
•    Turn off gas, electricity and water supplies if safe to do so
•    Try to put flood protection equipment in place

Tips if you don’t have non-return valves, non return valves are valves that normally allow fluid to flow through it in only one direction:
•    Turn off washing machines /dishwashers or any other machines that use water
•    Collect items you may need to evacuate
•    Stay in a high place with an escape route
•    Avoid using electricity
•    Avoid walking or driving through flood water
•    Call 999 if you’re in danger

If you need help with an emergency repair call on 01484 414800. Any none urgent repairs should still be reported as normal.
Winter can be a difficult time for vulnerable people. If you have vulnerable neighbours  please check on them. If you have any concerns about them or their home get in touch. If there’s flooding, check if you vulnerable neighbours can escape from their property or help them if they need to. 

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