Big Energy Saving Week

Big Energy Saving Week with windmills
This week is #BigEnergySaving week. Which is all about saving the planet & saving you cash. So get saving energy, money & the environment with our top tips:

•    Switching your energy supplier can save you money. Before you switch, you should start by: Checking which type of meter you have & finding out if your contract has an ‘exit fee’ for leaving early.
•    Did you know you can save energy, water and money by only filling your kettle with the water you need? Over filling your kettle will use extra energy and cost you more.
•    Save energy by turning your appliances off at the mains rather than putting them on standby. Leaving appliances on standby still uses energy and costs £30 a year.
•    Close your curtains in unused rooms and hang curtains in front of draughty doors or windows.
•    To save energy and money, only use your tumble dryer when you are unable to dry your clothes outside or on a clothes airer.
•    Use lids on pans when cooking. Using a pan lid reduces the amount of time it takes to heat up and uses less energy to boil.
•    Reduce your energy costs by setting your washing machine at 30 degrees rather than 40.

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