Future arrangements for the management of council housing in Kirklees

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On 2nd June 2020 Kirklees Council’s Cabinet agreed, in principle, that the housing management and maintenance which is currently done by KNH (Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing) can be brought together with wider Kirklees Council services.

KNH is an ‘Arm’s Length Management Organisation’ (ALMO), which means it is separate from Kirklees Council. It was set up in 2002 to help access funding to improve our local housing, which it has achieved. The change would simplify the arrangements for supporting our communities. It will mean that together we can better focus on working with our tenants and leaseholders to develop our communities and local places.

Tenant engagement

Cabinet has commissioned formal engagement with our over 22,000 tenants and leaseholders in Kirklees. The “How good is your home and your local place?” activities will ask people what it’s really like to live in their home, which housing services they feel are most important and how tenants want to be involved in the future.
We’re committed to working with our citizens in our local places, so participants will also have an opportunity to say what they think about their local place overall. The results will help to shape how we work with tenants and leaseholders in the future. The engagement begins in the week of 22nd June and will run until 4th September 2020.  

Our approach during Covid-19

As a result of Covid-19, we will be doing engagement differently. To keep everyone safe, we will be minimising close contact and following Government guidance on social distancing. So the engagement activities for tenants and leaseholders will include:

  • A postal questionnaire (delivered in stages, from 24th June to the first week of July)
  • An online questionnaire
  • Telephone conversations
  • Local discussions held online
  • Working with our staff networks

As a tenants you can find out more and participate by visiting How good is your home and your local place? Look out for the letter and online questionnaire, by responding it ensures your voice is heard and views taken into account as we move forward.

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